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Photo by Jean Clément

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When young we look at all the possibilities before us When old we look at all the accomplishments behind us © Robert Salagan

This page and the next one (Song Info +) includes all the words & music to our songs, you can sing along with us if you wish by clicking on the WORDS/PAROLES Icon.​  ​
All songs are registered with SOCAN* and published by Les Editions Do-Sol enr.*
*unless where it is indicated otherwise
Note: for best sound enjoyment listen with high quality headphone.
Robert Salagan
Robert Salagan

Got To Get It To You © R Salagan

Any Other Way © R Salagan

Ellipse Of Love © R Salagan

Valentine © R Salagan 

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Robert Salagan

From These Chairs © D Morley-R Salagan

Come Forth © J Clement-R Salagan

My Little Lady © J Décarie-R Salagan

In Love Again © S Desmarais-R Salagan​

Dream On © R Salagan

La Société © R Salagan

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The Harder You Fall © D Morley-R Salagan

I In A Dream © D Morley-R Salagan

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It Don’t Matter To Me © D Morley-R Salagan

She Don't love You Anymore © D Morley-R Salagan​

Just A Fool © R Salagan

Till My Heart Is Broken © R Salagan

Your Misty Dreams © R Salagan

When My Days © R Salagan

Robert Salagan

Hey Lord © R Salagan

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Hey Lord original version released by Polydor records in January 1972

Until You © J Clement-R Salagan

Center Stage Of My Mind © J Clement-R Salagan

Beautiful Thing © R Salagan

Stories © R Salagan

Stories recorded in France January 1974 at Château Hérouville En

Juke Box Blues © R Salagan​

Juke Box Blues recorded in France January 1974 at Château Hérouville fr

Someone Is Walking With You © R Salagan

Chère Dame © R Salagan

Because If You Love Me © R Salagan

Canada That's My Home © V Kane-L Macbean click on flag to see the video ......

Robert Salagan

Love © R Salagan

Then & Now © D Morley-R Salagan

​This Is The Way That I Feel © R Salagan

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​Helena © R Salagan


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Tea @ 4:20 Anyone! © R Salagan


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