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Robert Salagan

Photo by Claude & Pierre Longpré

retouch by Jacques Décarie​

"Que le vent de la bonne fortune souffle dans les voiles de votre destinée et vous propulse tous vers un avenir fructueux" © Robert Salagan

My name is Robert and I’m a singer/songwriter. I’ve been writing songs since the age of 16 and I enjoy writing words and composing music to satisfy everyone’s taste (Country, Gospel, Folk & Love ballads, etc..).


My very first encounter with the music industry goes back to 1969 when I signed up with BMI of Canada now called SOCAN . Sometime after, with the help of Dominic Brunet of BMI/Socan, I was introduced to a music publisher (Michel Goodwill) who introduced me to a record producer (Henri Solinas), they had me record two of my original songs: Hey Lord and Valentine. A 45-RPM disc record was subsequently released January 1972 by Polydor records, and it received favorable airplay all across Canada.


Click on any of these two records on the right and get additional information about my Polydor release.



Many years later (2004), I purchased a Yamaha AW16G Professional Audio Workstation and used it to record some of my original music. I later added my friend's original music from previous recordings onto the Audio Workstation. I managed to enhance the sound quality on some of these older original recordings and added a few extra musical and vocal tracks as well.


We enjoy singing and recording original music and hope you enjoy listening to our songs.

Please move to the other tabs and listen to our great songs.

Thank you

Robert Salagan
Robert Salagan

Below are a couple of cassette/8 track tapes titled "George", which I produced and released January 25th, 1979. The cover photo, which was taken by Jean Clément, is from a show given in Dorval in July 1978. Click on any of the tapes below and get the song listing.

Robert Salagan
Robert Salagan

If you wish to see our August 26th, 1978 Buckingham, QC talent show, click on the PLAY icon below and click here for the show's details. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Robert Salagan

Photo circa early 1970 by Pierre Décarie Sr.

Hey! Here I am in my early 20's showing then the enthusiasm for music I still manifest to this day.........

Robert Salagan
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